Family-of-Origin Issues:

Are you looking for a safe space to process your experience in your family of origin? Or to better understand how your family’s dynamics have influenced the way you view yourself and relate to others?

Relationships (family, marriage, dating):

Are you wanting to increase communication with your teenager? Or closeness with your spouse/significant other? Maybe you’re single and not sure how to navigate the strenuous (and often frustrating!) world of dating.


Have you experienced something terrifying? Has your everyday routine, health, mood, and/or relationships been impacted or suffered because of this experience? Are you looking for relief and healing?


Maybe something has happened that you believe is causing your feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Or maybe nothing significant has happened, you just feel that something is “off.” You’re tired of feeling this way, and ready for a change.


Do you feel worried more days than not? Do you feel restless, irritable, and unable to relax? Are you ready to rid yourself of the weight that drags you down?


Have you lost someone close to you? Have you lost an aspect of your identity, such as a job, relationship, or health? Do you need help and support to navigate your emotions and adjust to this new normal?


Have you been physically or sexually threatened or harmed? Have you been demeaned or manipulated? Have you been harmed by your experience in the Christian church? Are you wanting to enjoy relationships again, enjoy God again, and enjoy church again? Are you wanting to be able to trust in relationships again, trust God again, and trust other believers again?

Life transitions:

Perhaps you are in college, a recent high school or college graduate, getting married, becoming a first-time parent or an empty-nester? These transitions can be both exciting and terrifying – you don’t have to go through them alone!

Comparison/competition with others:

Maybe Facebook and other forms of social media cause you to feel more depressed than connected. Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you just don’t measure up, and you want to explore and figure out who you are.

Defining identity:

Have you felt that who you are has been dictated to you for most of your life by your family or church? Maybe you feel lost, not sure where to go next in life, not sure about who you are or what God says about you? You’re ready to find the answers to some of these questions.

Integrating faith and emotions:

You believe that God is your Shepherd, who quiets your soul and provides for your needs. So you’re wondering: “Why do I still feel anxious?” I want to help you live a full, authentic life that integrates your faith and emotions without compartmentalizing or compromising the faith you hold dear.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, are you ready to call for help?