About Abundant Life

Abundant Life Counseling St. Louis LLC is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families in the St. Louis area flourish in the midst of life’s perplexing struggles and challenges. I (Julie Williamson, LPC, NCC, RPT) seek to increase hope, embody empathy, and encourage authenticity by joining with you to collaboratively assist you in achieving your therapeutic goals. I want to help you gain clarity, understanding, and above all, flourishing in your relationships with God and others, despite life’s trials and tribulations.


My vision for Abundant Life Counseling is based on:

  • Vitality, celebrating who my clients are, their uniqueness and God-given characteristics.
  • Freedom, where clients feel free, safe, and unencumbered to live out who they are, their uniqueness, and God-given characteristics.
  • Wholeness, assisting clients with integrating who they are, their uniqueness, and God-given characteristics into the spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational aspects of their lives


My mission:

To establish vitality, freedom, and wholeness through getting to know my clients, building rapport and a collaborative relationship with them. This also includes: establishing a safe environment with my clients where they feel open to share their stories; enjoying my clients for who they are; validating and empathizing with them; celebrating their highs and grieving their lows with them; offering support and assistance from a non-judgmental stance; and providing education when necessary.


I offer:


  • Individual therapy for adolescents and adults
  • Family therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Referrals to additional mental health resources