What is Counseling?

I view the counseling process as forming a unique, dynamic, and collaborative relationship with you, the client, in attempt to help you reach your therapeutic goal(s) and address the concern(s) that brought you to the counseling office in the first place. Often, these concerns are much more complex than what you and/or I are aware of initially, and may take some time to be unpacked before resolution is reached. This “unpacking” involves discussing past experiences and significant relationships, as these elements shape how we think and feel about things in the present, including how we view the world, others, and ourselves.

Sometimes, specific therapeutic techniques are used in therapy. The main techniques I use are designed to help clients express something they cannot put into words, remain present when processing something especially difficult, deepen insight, and effectively tie up the session before the client leaves. Feel free to ask any questions or share concerns you may have regarding any specific therapeutic techniques. I will be happy to discuss your concerns, as well as my approach, at any point throughout the therapeutic process.

Honestly, counseling can be hard. It can drudge up old stuff we thought we had long buried. However, when we are aware of how we feel and what we think in the present, and consider earlier experiences, we often find a link. This could be a relational pattern, way of thinking, messages we were told by significant others in our lives, etc. When we find this link, we can explore it, grieve it, and learn from it, in order to grow into a more abundant life than what we are currently living in. Personally and professionally, I have seen the amazing results of spending an hour a week speaking with someone objective, sharing stories, and watching healing and hope sprout from what seemed to be a dry and barren ground.

I am excited that you are exploring the idea of counseling! Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email with any additional questions you may have.

One final note: I am a Christian and my faith shapes my work, as well as my worldview. I happily accept clients of all faiths and religions and deeply respect your own personal belief and values system. I will never force my own faith and beliefs on to you. That being said, if you inform me that you are also a Christian, I will integrate Scripture and biblical principles into our work together.


About Abundant Life Counseling St. Louis

Julie Williamson is the Founder and Therapist of Abundant Life Counseling St. Louis LLC. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Registered Play Therapist. She enjoys working with adults and adolescents facing the challenges of depression, anxiety, relationships, spiritual struggles, and life transitions.